Inspecta-Shield Plus™ Fire Retardant Meets Worldwide Acceptance International Code Council ICC-ES Evaluation Service Approves As A Permanent Application

Reinforced Green Product With New Tests Certifying as Non-Toxic

Bohemia, NY - Inspecta-Shield Plus™ Fire-Retardant has achieved an updated (08/01/2009) certification from the ICC-ES Evaluation Service attesting to its effectiveness when wood is overcoated with paint, stain or polyurethane and retaining it's Class "A" rating. The application is now accepted as a permanent application on interior treated surfaces. In addition new tests by Anderson and Hazelton Laboratories have certified the product as non-toxic placing it firmly in the "green product" arena.

"We are proud of the latest achievements of Inspecta-Shield Plus™ that places it generations ahead of any other clear spray fire retardant on the market, stated Robert Licata, Northeast Fireshield Inc., CEO, "These added certifications add to the products versatility and effectiveness and reinforces its status as a consumer friendly, green product."

Inspecta-Shield Plus™, a product of Northeast Fireshield Inc., of Bohemia, New York, is a patented UL Classified Class" A" spray on, clear liquid penetrating fire retardant that is non-toxic, non allergenic andodorless. It is certified for use on interior dimensional lumber and plywood and when applied by the certified application process it "meets accepted criteria" and is the only product/application process approved in compliance with the new code to achieve a Class "A" flame spread (25) or less. It can be applied on-site to existing structures including framing lumber, rafters, trusses, plywood, flooring, sub-floors and moldings. The product also assists to prevent the growth of mold and mildew and applications can be verified by using black (UV) light.

Newest Certification

This newest certification by the ICC-ES supports Inspecta-Shield Plus™s effectiveness stating that "The flame-spread and smoke-development indices are applicable when the application is overcoated with two layers of acrylic paint or one layer of wood stain overcoated with one layer of polyurethane." This test result and certification add to Inspecta-Shield Plus™'s credentials, which include:

In addition Inspecta-Shield Plus™ has like approvals from the New York City Department of Buildings, Material Equipment Acceptance (MEA) Division. The product is also listed with the California Office of the State Fire Marshal, and Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Green Arena:

Inspecta-Shield Plus™'s placement into the "green arena" is supported by it's Material safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Physical and Chemical Properties: # 9 Volatile (% V.O.C. by volume) 0.00. # 14 Transportation Information: D.O.T. Classification (Domestic, Land): Class 55, Cleaning Compound, Non Hazardous. Recent testing performed by Anderson and Hazelton Laboratories showed zero impact in Dermal Irritation tests and zero impact in an Acute Oral Toxicity study.

Inspecta-Shield Plus™ is the only Class "A" UL Classified clear liquid spray on fire retardant product certified by the ICC-ES for application on interior dimensional lumber and plywood worldwide!

More information on Inspecta-Shield Plus™ can be found on the Northeast Fireshield Web site:

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Application Satisfies Stringent Fire Codes & Results in Insurance Premium Reductions
Product Will Help Save Lives and Reduce and/or Eliminate Property Damage from Fire

(January 2007, Bohemia, New York) Inspecta-Shield Plus™, a product from Northeast Fireshield of Bohemia, New York, has been recognized by ICC Evaluation Service as the only spray on fire retardant for compliance with the 2003 International Fire Code (IFC) as well as the 2003 International Existing Building Code (IEBC) for application on dimensional lumber and plywood. This recognition indicates the product "meets accepted criteria" and makes Inspecta-Shield Plus™ the only Class "A" certified spray-on fire retardant product with this specified type application process in the country.

"We have been working diligently to have fire and building professionals accept what we already know," stated Robert Licata, Northeast Fireshield CEO, "that Inspecta-Shield Plus™ is the most effective fire retardant compound available on the market today for this approved use."

Inspecta-Shield Plus™ clients range from companies such as: Tulnoy Lumber, Chesler Plywood, Interstate Plywood, LeNoble Lumber Company - Liberty Wood Products - York Scaffold Company - Safway -- Scaffold Services Company - Metropolitan Transportation (MTA) - New York Office of Parks and Recreation - Fireproofing Company of America - Oheka Castle -- Kay Construction Corp.-- Kajima Construction - Mack Construction -- New York Museum of Natural History -- the NYC Metropolitan Opera -- Smithsonian Institute -- NASA Space Agency, White Sands Facility --U.S. Embassies (Worldwide), --Stony Brook University --Suffolk County(NY) Jail DWI Facility --CESSNA Aircraft -- International Jet Interior -- Lockheed Aircraft Engineering,--Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Complete list available upon request.


A privately owned corporation, founded in 1989, Northeast Fireshield is the distributor and licensed applicators for Inspecta-Shield Plus™. The company has extensive experience in the fire retardant treatment of homes, commercial business including places of public assembly such as schools, colleges, restaurants, resorts, hotels, and airplane interiors. Services include dry cleaning, pre-spotting & flame retarding; rigging and repairs; and assistance in renovation projects. All treatments follow a strict quality control process - are performed by trained and certified applicators that will issue a Certificate of Flame proofing on completion.


The ICC-ES is a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation that does technical evaluations of building products, components, methods, and materials. For more information, contact:

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