Northeast Fireshield, Inc.

  • Non-Toxic and Non-Allergenic.
  • Treats both natural and synthetic materials, as well as lumber.
  • Meets or exceeds governmental criteria for a s Class “A” Fire Retardant on most materials.
  • Durable: will not wear off, dry clean out, or bleach out by humidity. Allows fibers to breathe.
  • Sun-Shield, a U.V. stabilizer, drastically reduces sun fading and sun rot, increasing decorating options and fabric life.
  • Visible only under long wave UV light.
  • Odorless and colorless
  • Leaves no uncomfortable residue or unsightly salt rings after treatment.
  • Non-corrosive to metal when dry.
  • Ready to use; no mixing required 
  • Economical

Inspecta-Shield Plus™ has been classified as a Class “A” and “B” fire retardant by the following agencies:

  • ICC-ES ESR-2019
  • Underwriters Laboratory
  • New York City Material Equipment Acceptance #’s 314-86-M, 311-90-M Pre 1969, 311-90-M Vol. II (25), 311-90-M Vol. III (25)
  • N.Y. City Fire Department Certificate of Acceptance #4798
  • State of California Listing Service
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • City of Pittsburgh
  • City of Boston 
  • In addition to the above, Inspecta-Shield Plus™ has over 1,000 additional approvals!

Certified to be in compliance with the following Codes:

  • ICC-ES ESR-2019
  • 2019 International Building Code (IBC)
  • 2019 International Residential Code (IRC)
  • 2019 International Fire Code (IFC)
  • 2019 Existing Building Code (IEBC)
  • In addition Inspecta-Shield Plus™ has like approvals from the New York City Department of Buildings, Material Equipment Acceptance (MEA) Division. The product is also listed with the California Office of the State Fire Marshal, and Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.